Save on certified pre owned with a third party car inspection.

Save on certified pre owned with a third party car inspection.

Third Party Car Inspection Vs “Certified”

There is a common misconception when it comes to used cars that certified pre owned vehicles are your best bet when it comes to purchasing a quality vehicle. This is often not the case for many reasons in our opinion, but here we will analyse the most important ones to consider and explain how an unbiased third party car inspection can help you save thousands of dollars on overpriced cars and warranties.


CPO’s often come with a reputation of a stringent vehicle check. In reality, at many traditional dealers there is really not much quality assurance when it comes to inspecting and certifying used cars. If there is a good enough profit margin and the car has a clean history report it goes through the shop. A technician will then look over the vehicle and determine whether this car will be certified and what maintenance is required. Of course the technician can recommend any repairs necessary, but ultimately the used car manager will determine what will be fixed and what not. Most likely if the repair can be covered under warranty it is left alone until the buyer complains about it. In many cases the technician looking at the vehicle is not required or trained to identify previously repaired body panels. This means you can end up buying a car, above market value with a accident free history report, previous repairs or accident damage and questionable certification standards depending on the dealer. An unbiased third party car inspection can help eliminate any doubts during this process and help keep the dealer as honest as possible. With a third party car inspection you can determine whether the certification has been completed according to manufacturer standards and make sure you won’t have any surprise warranty repairs after you purchase the car. Furthermore, a comprehensive report on the car can provide you with accurate information on the exact condition of the car, making sure you pay what the car is worth to you and not the dealer. Identifying undisclosed previous repairs can be a great negotiating tool.


CPO’s often come with an extended warranty that comes with a price. There are two things fundamentally wrong with this in our opinion. One being that you are basically paying extra money assuming that your car will eventually break down. Second, dealerships own their used car inventory which means performing warranty work on their own inventory raises a lot of red flags with manufacturers and paying for every little item to be fixed lowers profit margins. So in many cases, it is safe to assume that a small leak or early signs of wear and tear for certain parts that are covered under warranty, will be dealt with through your certified pre-owned warranty when you take the car back after you notice a nice puddle in your driveway or that clunking noise when you’re driving home from work. All this to maintain profit margins and also make money repairing the car. Most of these concerns can be easily avoided by performing a third party car inspection by a trusted professional and not only verifying the overall condition of the vehicle but potentially saving thousands of dollars off the cars price and in repairs.


Dealers will tell you the car has a clean history report, therefore has never been involved in an accident or has had previous repairs. All this means is that an accident involving this vehicle has never been reported. Many of our customers select a car and once we finish our third party car inspection, are shocked to find the car has been repaired before or has undisclosed accident damage. This usually also comes to the salespersons surprise as well. Not only would our customer bought a car that has been involved in an accident as minor as that could be, they were also overpaying since the car was priced as mint condition and CPO. In many cases customers have been able to negotiate far better deals once our inspections reveal more on a car’s actual condition and value than a history report.


In a nutshell, it is well worth taking the time and investing some money into a third party car inspection to ensure your investment is worth what you are paying for. Even though a car is certified pre owned in many cases it is no different than a car on any other used car dealer’s lot or a private seller. The only thing that is guaranteed is a higher priced vehicle.

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