Pre-Purchase Inspection

When looking to buy a new car, you want to make sure that it is in the best possible condition before you finalize your purchase. With pre-purchase inspections from Motovise, you can feel confident that you are getting the car that you are paying for. With 24-48 hour waiting times for appointments and same-day reporting across Northern New Jersey, you can easily make an appointment from your mobile phone and have us ready to evaluate your vehicle.

We inspect all auto brands and styles of passenger cars and trucks from 1996 and newer. Many of our pre-purchase inspection plans in Northern New Jersey, such as the “Safe and Sound” and “Negotiator” packages, are geared towards standard passenger cars and trucks. However, luxury auto brands are covered under our comprehensive “Exotic” package. For a few extra dollars, we will go in-depth to your high-end vehicle and make sure it is in mint condition – a necessity for collectors looking for cars that will increase in value. Whether you’re looking at a 1996 BMW M3 or a 2018 Porsche, we’ve got you covered.

One of our experts inspecting a pre purchased vehicle for a customer in Northern New Jersey.Mobile Truck Inspection

Our process is designed to be as smooth and timely as possible, so you can get any information you need to make your decision. When you find the car you’re interested in at any dealer in Northern New Jersey, Central New Jersey or South Jersey, make your appointment with us, and we will schedule your pre-purchase inspection. Our highly-skilled auto technicians will analyze every last part of your vehicle so that you can have a leg up on the dealer in the negotiation process.
Our auto reports are structured so that any component of the vehicle is categorized as “good,” “average,” or “requires attention or repairs.” Not only will we give you an overview of each category, but we will break down in your report each individual piece of the vehicle and exactly what is wrong with it. Whether we find casual wear and tear on the exterior or an entirely defective mechanism under the hood, we want you to know what you are getting with your car.

Ultimately, we know that used car dealers can often use shady tactics to try to push a sale quicker. While history reports provided by the dealership are often helpful, they don’t always tell the full story, and some may even withhold them altogether. It’s our job to ensure that you don’t get stuck with a lemon, and our comprehensive pre-purchase inspections serving Northern New Jersey, as well as Central and South Jersey, ensure you’re getting a quality car at a fair price.

Take advantage of our mobile pre-purchase inspections by making an appointment with Motovise to inspect your used car. We serve Northern New Jersey and Central New Jersey, and specialize in many of the best auto brands, including Porsche and BMW. Choose from our different packages and sign up for your appointment today, and with our same-day reporting, we’ll make sure you’re driving off the lot in a quality vehicle that stays for years to come.