Mobile used car inspection

Mobile Used Car Inspection or Repair Shop?


Before purchasing a used car it’s always wise to have a pre purchase inspection performed on the vehicle. Consumers can benefit in many ways from these inspections and ultimately make the most informed purchasing decision possible. But are all inspections and inspectors created equal? I think not. Here we will explain why a mobile used car inspection service is a better choice to perform your pre purchase inspection than a local repair shop. We will evaluate some key factors we think are important to consumers when selecting who will perform their pre purchase inspection.

Mobile Used Car Inspection Service vs Local Repair Shop

  1. Convenience: Mobile used car inspection services cover large geographic areas and perform their inspection onsite. They will travel to the location of the vehicle and perform the inspection without having to drive the car to a garage. Finding a reliable service to inspect your car is also easier than finding an honest repair shop that even offers these services, especially if the vehicle is located far from your go to mechanic. If you are buying out of state then a mobile used car inspection service is your only option!
  2. Biased:  Repair shops make a living by doing exactly what their name suggests, repairing vehicles. Even if the repair shop offers you this service at a discount, they will find something to recommend for repair. The only way for them to make money is to have you come back and fix anything they have found. In many cases when repair shops know you will never come back to actually repair the vehicle they are even less motivated to uncover any hidden issues. A mobile used car inspection company like Motovise gets paid to identify anything that might be wrong with the vehicle, not by the amount of repairs they recommend, thus making it as unbiased as possible.
  3. Informed purchasing decisions: Mobile used car inspection companies are experts in their field. They specialize in not only identifying mechanical problems but also checking for previous repairs, following detailed inspection guidelines in order to check every inch of the vehicle, every switch and function. With a mobile used car inspection from Motovise you not only get a comprehensive condition report of the vehicle with photos, we will also provide you a fair market value for the car (depending on its condition) and make sure you never overpay. A repair shop will typically focus on checking the basic mechanical condition of the car and basic components and functions because they specialize in repairs not inspections. In reality, anything from engine problems to repainted panels affects the overall value of a vehicle. Your best bet to know whether you are overpaying or not is to have someone who is trained identify all potential issues when inspecting the vehicle.


It’s fair to say mobile used car inspections offer a better bang for your buck. You might pay slightly more than what you would at a local repair shop but with it comes a lot of extras. You are provided a nice report with photos, the inspection is far more detailed than one at a repair shop including a fair market value of the car and best of all you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to get all that information. These services can help you save thousands while purchasing and owning a used vehicle.

Save on your next used car purchase with a Motovise inspection!

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