Inspecting a used car

We believe no customer should have to settle when it comes to inspecting a used car. This is why we offer packages that fit everyone’s needs, eliminating the need for add-ons that can increase the cost dramatically and offer very little insight.

For our customers who would like to make sure they are buying a vehicle that is structurally and mechanically sound and won’t cost them thousands in unexpected repairs, we recommend our “Safe and Sound” package. “The Negotiator” package brings you the ultimate peace of mind and maximum savings when inspecting a used car. We check everything! Even a repainted door or bumper can affect a vehicle’s value and having all this information available to you is a great negotiating tool!

Our vehicle inspection processes are of the highest standards. Our team consists of experienced individuals, who are certified experts in their fields and use the latest diagnostic tools to identify any issues while inspecting a used car. Imagine us as your personal used car advisor, unbiased and transparent.

What we inspect Safe and Sound $119 The Negotiator $159
Underbody Inspection (With vehicle on ramps)
Under the Hood
Drivetrain and 4WD Equipment
Fluid Levels
Fluid Leaks
Heating and Cooling Systems
Road Test
Market Value
Vehicle History Report
Phone Consultation
Condition of Exterior (Includes photos of excessive wear and tear)
Exterior Functions
Previous Repairs (Bodywork)
Quality of Previous Repairs
Condition of Interior (Includes photos of excessive wear and tear)
Interior Functions