Always inspect a used car before purchasing. - Onsite used car inspections

Getting a used car inspected before purchasing.

Why Getting A Used Car Inspected Is Important

Buying a used car these days can be a tough task and a gamble in itself. But it shouldn’t and with the right research and tools, it can become fairly stress free. An onsite used car inspection is a great way of getting a used car inspected and gaining some peace of mind with you next used vehicle purchase.

A used car pre purchase inspection will help you get a professional’s evaluation of a vehicle you are interested in. These experts are trained to see many things that average consumers tend to miss. Anything from bodywork to poor mechanical repairs can be identified with a thorough inspection. Although you may have done your due diligence and checked the car’s history report or browsed the web on different sites with great information on pricing and market values, it is extremely difficult to have a comprehensive overview of a car’s true value without first inspecting it. History reports are very often inaccurate due to various reporting loopholes and dealers/sellers tend to disclose as little as possible when it comes to the car’s previous repairs. As a result, you may end up overpaying for a vehicle with minor unreported or undisclosed previous repairs or even major accidents. Onsite used car inspections often force transparency throughout the whole transaction and If the seller has nothing to hide there is no reason to refuse getting a used car inspected.

Booking Your Used Car Pre Purchase Inspection

Finding a local or nationwide professional to perform your used car pre purchase inspection is as easy as completing an internet search for just that. You will find that most companies offer a plethora of options and packages that will fit your needs, but beware not to over do it with unnecessary addons. Most reputable and fair companies will include a history report and won’t charge you extra for something as simple as photos. Inspections typically last about an hour and in most cases you don’t even have to be present. Learn more about what Motovise includes in their onsite used car inspections.

Overall onsite used car inspections are a very useful tool for consumers to minimize costs and risks associated with purchasing a used car. Comprehensive reports can help not only identify any potential issues with vehicles, but also serve as a negotiating tool and the perfect supplement to all the online data available to us today. There are plenty of options out there for getting a used car inspected and no matter what your total investment is, it’s always worth avoiding risky practices when purchasing a used car.

Get your next used vehicle inspected with Motovise! We currently operate in NYC, New Jersey and Philadelphia.

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